Canada still receives the highest number of newcomers from India

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IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has released new data in February 2023 regarding new landed permanent residents (PRs) in Canada and international students last year. The data indicates that Asia remains the largest source of newcomers to Canada, with around 46% of newcomers landing in Canada in 2022 being from Asia.

India continues to be the biggest source of new immigrants to Canada, with more than 1/4th of newcomers being from India. In 2022, 118,095 Indians landed as permanent residents (PRs), which is 6 times higher than the second source of new immigrants, China, which saw 31,815 Chinese nationals landing in Canada as PRs in 2022.

Ontario continues to land the highest proportion of permanent residents in 2022, but comparatively less (-6.7%) when compared to 2021. Ontario is followed by Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan in landed immigrants. Quebec saw an increase of 3.4%, Saskatchewan 2.2%, and Alberta 1.4% as compared to 2021. However, British Columbia experienced -3.1% lesser immigration in contrast to 2021.

In terms of international students, India again tops the list followed by China and the Philippines for new international students landed in 2022. Indian students accounted for more than half of the total of international students entering Canada last year. Furthermore, there were 319,130 international students from India already living and studying in Canada as of December 2022.

Ontario, being the largest province, continues to accommodate more than 400,000 international students. This number is even higher when compared to the total of other Canadian provinces altogether. Moreover, this number is double that of the second leading province, British Columbia. In total, 377,785 international students were attending education institutions in the rest of the Canadian provinces in 2022.

Overall, the data released by IRCC indicates that Canada continues to be a popular destination for both newcomers and international students. With its diverse opportunities, welcoming community, and high-quality education system, Canada offers an attractive option for those looking to start a new life or pursue their academic goals.

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