Obtain Citizenship by making a secure Investment in Real Estate

Have the COVID-19 pandemic and severe travel restrictions forced you to look for a ‘plan b’ to reduce your and your family’s exposure to personal and financial risk?

Diversification of your investments and an alternative citizenship through investment can provide you stability during these turbulent times. With global mobility in its prime years, investing in second citizenship can be the best decision you make due to the wealth of benefits and opportunities it brings.

Citizenship by investment allows foreign investors to obtain full legal citizenship and passport for them and their family in exchange for making a secure investment either in the form of sustainable growth fund, Government bonds or Real- Estate.

There are several options for obtaining citizenship by investment around the world. By investing in these programs, High-net worth individuals can not only obtain citizenship for themselves, but also for their dependents, including their spouse, parents, children, stepchildren, and grandparents as well.


With a wide choice of investment options and lucrative returns on investment, obtaining citizenship in exchange for a real estate investment is fast becoming an attractive choice of investors worldwide.

Applicants can apply by investing in one of the Government approved real estate development or commercial projects. The requirements can vary from total ownership of a property, shared ownership or a lease for the required duration.

In almost all real estate options, the invested amounts need to be maintained for a minimum specific period, which usually ranges from three to five years. Applicants can then sell their share after this period.

Country Minimum Real-estate Investment requirements
Malta The purchase of a residential property in Malta of at least EUR 700,000


Lease a property for a minimum value of 16,000 Euros per annum

*In addition to real estate, an investor needs to also contribute in National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) and Charity Donation to qualify for Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Montenegro Invest €250,000 in an undeveloped region ( in Northern part of the country)Or

Invest € 450,000 in a developed area (in Southern part of the country)

Turkey Invest a minimum $250,000 in a real-estate  project
Grenada Invest $220,000 in a govt. approved real-estate  project
Antigua & Barbuda Invest $200,000 /400,000  in a govt. approved real-estate  project
St Kitts & Nevis Invest $200,000 /400,000 in a govt. approved real-estate  project
St Lucia Invest $ 350,000 in a govt. approved real-estate  project


WWICS helps its clients secure a Second Passport or citizenship through real-estate investment hassle-free. With a number of CBI programs to choose from, our investment experts have solutions to suit an array of circumstances and can provide you expert advice on the best investment options for your ”Plan B”.

If you wish to secure Residency or Citizenship in a top economy of the world via real-estate investment, please share your details by filling in the form. Our investment experts will review your eligibility & contact you soon to discuss your options!!

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