St Kitts to Allow Dependent Siblings in the CIP Application

St. Kitts

St Kitts and Nevis will now allow main applicants to include their siblings as dependants in their Citizenship by Investment Programme applications, which makes it the fourth Caribbean country to accommodate sibling-inclusion in its CIP applications, after Grenada, Dominica and Saint Lucia.

In a circular issued on November 6th, St Kitts and Nevis announced the implementation of new measures for applications submitted to its Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU).

The circular stated that effective immediately, applicants will be permitted to include their siblings in their citizenship applications.

In order to qualify, the siblings need to meet the following eligibility criteria:  

A Sibling must:

  • be either the brother or sister of the main applicant or of the spouse of the main applicant;
  • be 30 years of age or younger;
  • have no children;
  • be financially dependent on the main applicant

They will also have to undergo the same background checks as main applicants and will be subject to the applicable due diligence fee scale.

This change will affect new applications only and will not be appended to already-approved applications. Therefore, applicants who have already been approved for citizenship cannot ‘add’ a sibling to their applications.

Additional Application fees:There are additional fees requirements to include a sibling in the application.  The fee is set at US$20,000 under the Sustainable Growth Fund contribution option whereas it is US$40,000 under the Real Estate option.


Commonly termed as the twin-island Federation, St Kitts is an island in the West Indie, surrounded by Caribbean Sea on the western side of the island and Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side.

The country offers one of the longest-running citizenship-by-investment programmes in the world.

Established in 1984, St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment is the oldest CBI program in the world and is a perfect option for investors looking for a second passport for travel and ease of access to a number of countries.

The ability to pass one’s citizenship to future generations by descent is one of the attractive features of this program.

Applicant can obtain St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by investing under one of the two Investment schemes:

  1. By making a Non refundable contribution of $ 150,000 (single applicant) in its Sustainable Growth fund or Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation; or
  2. By purchasing either $200,000 / $400,000 shares in a govt. approved real-estate project.


  • Fast-track application process- receive Citizenship in just 2 months
  • Visa free or visa-on-arrival travel to 151 countries
  • Get access to world-class education and healthcare services along with lucrative international business opportunities
  • Attractive tax regime with zero tax on worldwide income and inheritance
  • No need to denounce the current nationality
  • No need to fulfill any physical residency or language requirement


World’s largest immigration group – WWICS is offering professional services to the investors/businesspersons to transform their dreams into reality and become a global business person under the different mobility programs since 1993.

If you wish to secure St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship, please share your details by filling in the form. Our team of investment experts will review your eligibility & will contact you soon to discuss your options to obtain St. Kitts & Nevis passport!!

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