Turkey Citizenship by Real-Estate Investment

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Turkey Citizenship by Real-Estate Investment

Invest in your future | Invest in Turkish Real estate

Turkey, country with a great historical background, unique geographic position and strategic location, has made itself stand out from other countries in the world.  Strategically located between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and Africa, Turkey has provided a functional role on a trade route.

One of the World’s fastest-growing economies – Turkey has a robust real estate market, which accounts for 19.5% of the country’s GDP. It is estimated that by 2023, the Turkish real estate sector will have more than 6 million residential units for sale with a market value of about US $400 billion.

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program allows an applicant to acquire residency, citizenship and a second passport by investing a minimum of $250,000 in Turkish Real Estate property. The applicant needs to hold the investment for at least 3 years.

Turkey CIB – Quick Facts

  • One of the World’s fastest growing economy
  • Strategically located between Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • One of the lowest cost citizenship by investment programmes
  • Fast-track process – Get your second passport within 3 months
  • Visa Free Travel to over 110 countries including Japan, South Korea and Singapore
  • No Minimum Residency Required
  • Full family Residency – Spouses & dependent children can be included in the application
  • Lucrative returns on investment
  • No need to forfeit your original citizenship
  • Social benefits and Full free medical assistance for all family members
  • A safe community with low crime rates

Turkey Citizenship Process

STEP 1: Consult WWICS’ investment immigration experts

STEP 2: Choose an Investment Option

STEP 3: Documentation & Application preparation & submission

STEP 4: Investment into the chosen option

STEP 5: Residency & Citizenship Application

STEP 6: Citizenship Approval – Receive Turkish Passport


WWICS- the World’s Largest Immigration Group, is one stop solution for all resettlement requirements starting from the initial assessment of the applicant’s profile to the final settlement in destination country.  We are specialized in real estate investments in Europe, especially in real estate investments in Turkey.

If you are looking for a safe investment in Turkish real estate, please fill this assessment form  and our experts will get in touch with you shortly to guide you through your application process!!

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