6 Reasons why you should consider Investing in a Second Passport

Second citizenships or passports are becoming ever more valuable in today’s global world. And investing under a legitimate citizenship by investment program is one of the quickest and best pathways to obtain one!!

Citizenship by investment programs enable high net-worth individuals to obtain a second citizenship and passport by investing in the economy of the host country. These economic investment programs legally grant citizenship or secondary passport faster than traditional immigration processes and that to be without requiring investors to visit or putting their lives on hold.

In order to attract much-needed foreign direct investment, there are many countries around the globe that offer citizenship by investment programs including Antigua and Barbuda, Portugal, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, St Kitts and Nevis and many more.

There are many reasons to invest in a second citizenship from personal safety to increased global mobility. Here, we have outlined the six major considerations.

  1. Security
  2. A second passport/citizenship from a stable, peaceful country provides security against political and economic instability in one’s home country.

  3. Improved Global Mobility
  4. A second passport can offer individuals increased global mobility by offering visa-free or visa on arrival travel. Being able to avoid costly and time consuming visa applications and act on travel plans very quickly is a major benefit of investing under such programs.

  5. Business opportunities
  6. Economic citizenship opens up a world of new business opportunities to high net worth investors & entrepreneurs as they can now do business in the host country. This also enables them to travel freely to favoured destinations for business expansion and explore new opportunities and technologies.

  7. Tax Management
  8. Second citizenship allows investors considerable benefits in tax planning. Majority of countries offering Citizenship investment immigration programs only tax income earned from that country and do not subject capital gains to taxes either. This allows investors to manage their wealth more efficiently by protecting their assets against excessive taxation.

  9. Secure a better future for your Family
  10. Most of citizenship by investment programs allows the main applicant to include their family members in the application. This means that investors can secure a better future for their spouse and children by getting access to world-class health care, education and an improved lifestyle.

  11. Access to Quality Education for Your Children

Education of children is top priority for parents worldwide. By investing in a second citizenship parents are able to ensure that their children can have access to the top educational institutions at considerably reduced tuition fees.

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