Top 5 Investor Visa Programmes That You Can Apply Remotely Without Any Need To Travel

A second residency or citizenship is a key component in diversifying your investments and expand your presence across the globe. Keeping the current global economic scenario in mind, it is more important than ever now not to be tied to one country & look for options to secure second residency or citizenship in a one of the thriving economies. 

However, due to Coronavirus outbreak and travel restrictions imposed by countries to curb its spread, the uncertainty and concerns among those considering a second residency or citizenship keep growing. But we would like to remind you that there are a number of investor visa programmes that you can apply for remotely, without any need to travel.

The top five investor programmes where it is possible to apply without travelling are:

  2. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, which was started by the Dominican Government in the year 1993, is one of the best & affordable economic citizenship programs that aim to improve the Dominican economy and the standards of applicants. A Dominic passport enables the holder to travel freely to 125 countries and territories including the European Union and the United Kingdom. The application process is pretty simple with no travel requirements.

    Foreign nationals can obtain Citizenships of Commonwealth of Dominica under 2 main investment schemes. Either by making a non refundable contribution of MINIMUM $100,000 in ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION FUNDS or by INVESTING A MINIMUM $200,000 in approved REAL ESTATE projects.

  4. Grenada offers one of the most robust citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean. A Grenadian passport allows holder to travel Visa-free to 130 countries & major business hubs across the world, including China, Russia, Schengen Zone, Singapore, and the UK. A Grenada passport holder can also reside and operates a business in the USA under E2 Visa Treaty.

    Grenada Passport can be obtained either by making a non refundable contribution of MINIMUM $150,000 in NATIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS FUNDS or by INVESTING A MINIMUM $220,000 in approved REAL ESTATE projects.

    Like other mentioned programs, it is a document-driven process and no travel is required to complete the process. Processing takes between 3-4 months and applicant doesn’t need to be physically present in the country during the time of application.   

  6. Portugal offers one of the most popular Golden Visa programmes in Europe. The country is currently attracting many high-net worth foreign investors because of the high profitability in the real estate market.

    There is no need to live in Portugal to initiate the application process and get the visa. A pre-approval decision will be made in approximately two months from the date of submission of the residency visa. It is only after this stage that the applicant will be required to visit Portugal to submit their biometric data to finalise the process.

    Portugal Passport Ranks number 3 in the world and allows visa free travel to over 125 countries around the world including all Schengen countries, Canada, Australia, UK, NZ and USA.

  8. This is one of the fastest citizenship and second passport programs available for investors with a minimum processing time of 2-3 months.

    It is also the only Citizenship by investment program in the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere that is available to applicants who invest into a local development fund. Donation amounts for a single applicant = $130,000 + fees and $150,000 + fees for a couple.

    No travel is required to initiate the application as well as no physical residency required to retain a passport.


One of the world’s newest economic programmes, Antigua citizenship by investment program is one of the most cost-effective options for families looking to gain a second citizenship.

Passport can be obtained either by making a non refundable contribution of MINIMUM $100,000 in NATIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS FUNDS or by INVESTING A MINIMUM $200,000 in approved REAL ESTATE projects.

To complete the application process and receive the passport, applicants do not need to travel to Antigua as they can complete the whole application from their home country. There is a requirement to spend a minimum of five days in Antigua in a period of 5 years following the approval of your citizenship application.


WWICS provides guidance for applicants looking to obtain Second passport and will assist you throughout the application process right from first consultation till the granting of the passport.

If you would like to explore the second residency or citizenship route, please get in touch with our expert business immigration lawyers by filling your details and let us make your immigration procedure hassle-free, smooth and seamless.


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