Demand for second passports, citizenship and residency shoot up amidst COVID-19


The global health crisis- COVID-19 has impacted the people all across the globe. The pandemic has had far-reaching economic impact beyond the spread of the disease itself. As the governments all over the world are dealing with the unforeseen challenges caused by this pandemic and have imposed restrictions and borders closures; it has forced many high-net worth individuals (HNWI) and investors to think about their options to secure alternative residence or citizenship to get stability during turbulent times.

Citizenship and Residency by Investment programmes have long been in place as one of the fast-track options for those wanting to diversify their options. These investment programs enable HNWI to acquire citizenship or secondary passport by investing in the economy of the host country. However, a sharp increase has been witnessed in demand for second passports, citizenships and overseas residencies that rose by around 50 percent year-over-year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The statics are strong evidence of the fact that more and more high-net worth individuals and investors are increasingly considering acquiring second passport or alternative residence as a great diversification tool.

Benefits of acquiring Second Passport/Citizenship and Alternative Residencies

There are enormous benefits of owning a second passport that range from lower taxes, improved political security, increased global mobility and international trade opportunities

  • Visa-free or visa on-arrival travel access to 170+ countries
  • Great quality of life
  • Favourable business regulations & Tax Benefits
  • No need to denounce original nationality
  • Spouse, dependent children and parents can be included in the application*
  • Access to excellent health care & education system for children
  • Minimal Residency requirements*
  • No English language, No interview requirements

Popular Resettlement Programs

Citizenship by Investment

Country Minimum Investment requirements
Commonwealth of Dominica Option 1 – Economic Diversification Funds (Non -Refundable): $100,000

Option 2 – Real Estate: $ 200,000 investment in govt. approved projects

Antigua & Barbuda Option 1 – National Development Funds (Nonrefundable): $100,000

Option 2- Real Estate Investment: $200,000 /400,000 investment in govt. approved projects

Option 3- University Of West Indies (UWI) Fund: $150,000

St Kitts & Nevis Option 1 – Sustainable Growth Funds (Non Refundable) : $150,000

Option 2- Real Estate Investment: $200,000 /400,000 investment in govt. approved projects

St Lucia Option 1: National Economic Funds(Non -Refundable): $100,000

Option 2: Real Estate Investment: $ 350,000 investment in govt. approved projects

Grenada Option 1: National Transformation Funds (Non refundable): $150,000

Option 2: Real Estate Investment: $220,000 investment in govt. approved projects)

Vanuatu Option 1: National Economic Funds(Non -Refundable): $130,000

Residency by Investment 

Country Minimum Investment requirements
Portugal Option 1 – Acquire a property of minimum €500,000 or more worth

Option 2 – Acquire a minimum 30-year-old or refurbishing requiring urban property hotel project of minimum €350,000 worth

Option 3 – Acquire a property in a less populated area at 20% reduced investment (€280,000)

Malta Option 1 – Make a contribution of € 650,000 in the National Development and Social Fund

Option 2 – Lease property in Malta for a minimum value of € 16,000 per annum, or purchase property for a minimum value of € 350,000

Option 2 – Acquire € 150,000 worth of Government Bonds or bonds/ securities listed on the Malta Stock Exchange

Spain Option 1: Property purchase of minimum of 500,000 Euros per family
Greece Option 1:   € 250,000 investment in real estate
Cyprus Option 1: €2,0 million investment In Real Estate, Land Development And Infrastructure Projects

Option 2: Purchase/Establishment/Participation In Cypriot Companies Or Businesses

Option 3: €2,0 million investment In Alternative Investment Funds Or Financial Assets Of Cypriot Companies Or Cypriot Organizations That Are Licensed By CYSEC

Option 4: Combination of the aforementioned investments

Hungary Option 1: Invest minimum €50,000 to establish a Hungarian commercial enterprise under the Hungarian Entrepreneur Residency Program (HER Program)


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