Exciting News for Job Seekers and Immigrants Looking to Settle in Canada!

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Canada has been creating a buzz lately with its record-breaking job growth in the past few months. According to a recent report from Statistics Canada, 150,000 new jobs were generated in January alone, which was greatly above predictions, and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5%. The report also showed that since September, the number of new jobs has climbed by 326,000, with advances across the board, and six consecutive months of job growth.

In the light of this news, it is no surprise that the list of sectors that have added the most number of jobs in 2023 is growing as well. According to a report by IBISWorld, 651,335 people work in hospitals, 531,399 people are employed by full-service eateries, 431,287 people work in supermarkets and grocery stores, and 402,477 people are employed in fast food restaurants. In addition, 320,499 people are employed in IT consulting, commercial banking employs 278,186 people, engineering services employs 195,828 people, and 191,252 people are employed in janitorial services in Canada.

This job growth is largely due to Canada’s friendly immigration policy and the rapid expansion of its population. Survey data shows that non-permanent residents, such as students and temporary employees, are experiencing disproportionately substantial job growth. The labour force grew by 153,000 persons, or 0.7 percent, bringing the participation rate up to 65.7 percent by 0.3 percentage points.

Moreover, Canada is expected to welcome a record number of immigrants in the coming months through its Express Entry and PNP paths. Reports suggest that Canada is expected to welcome nearly 190,000 immigrants this year, with an anticipated rise to nearly 230,000 immigrants by 2025. As of January 31, IRCC’s most recent data showed that 66,214 PNP applications and 47,868 Express Entry applicants were still in line.

In conclusion, Canada is a land of opportunities for job seekers and immigrants alike, and with its friendly immigration policy, record-breaking job growth, and rapid population expansion, it is the perfect place to work and settle.

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