How to Gain Residency in Canada through an Innovative Business Plan


Are you an entrepreneur who is willing to invest in your future and immigrate to Canada with your business venture?

Then Canada’s Startup Visa program is one of the best ways to do it.

Launched in 2013, Canada’s Start-up Visa Program is designed for foreign entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to establish businesses in Canada by giving them the support they need to establish an innovative business that can provide employment for Canadians.

The program grants entrepreneurs/investors and their families Canadian permanent resident status which further leads to citizenship.


Entrepreneurs, who want to immigrate to Canada through this program, must develop a viable business project by getting support from a designated organization authorized by the Government of Canada. This could be either a Venture capital fund; or Angel investor group; or Business incubator that is willing to invest in applicant’s new business.

Once the organization decides to support applicant’s business plan, they will provide him with a letter of support and send a completed Commitment Certificate (that will include relevant details of the commitment between applicant and the investment organization) directly to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

After getting the letter of support and meeting the other qualifying criterion, applicant will be ready to apply for a Startup Visa.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply For Start- Up Visa Program

The Start-up Program is an attractive Canadian business visa options since it does not entail a minimum net worth requirement. Immigrant can live anywhere in Canada and needs to possess language proficiency skills (English or French) equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5 or higher.

In order to be eligible to apply to the Start-up Visa Program, the applicant must fulfill the below mentioned criteria:

  • Own a qualifying business: Applicants, whether alone or as a group (up to 5 applicants), must own more than 50%, with each applicant owning at least 10% of the shares
  • Net worth: No minimum requirement
  • Investment: Invest CAD $100,000 to CAD $200,000 in a Canadian Business
  • Age: No minimum/maximum age restrictions
  • Language proficiency: Minimum Level 5 of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in listening, reading, speaking & writing in either English or French
  • Criminal Record: Should not hold any criminal history
  • Medical Record: Should not possess any serious health condition
  • Settlement Funds: Meet IRCC’s proof of funds requirement

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