Invest under the Malta Individual Investor program (MIIP) & obtain Maltese citizenship along with your family

Malta Individual Investor program (MIIP)

Malta, Officially the Republic of Malta is an Island country in southern Europe. It is one of the 28 member states of EU and one of the 26 member states of Schengen Area. Heart of Europe, Malta is a great business hub with taxation treaties with over 50 countries and a very attractive location for private residence.

The island nation enjoys a stable political climate and is strategically located, with excellent air links. The country’s excellent education system, IT infrastructure and health care system attract huge number of Investors to the country.


  • Location: Europe
  • Capital: Valletta
  • Passport Rank: 7
  • Population: 500,000
  • Language: English and Maltese


Introduced in early 2014, Malta Individual Investor program (MIIP) offers high and Ultra High-net worth Individuals and families worldwide the possibility of acquiring residence/citizenship in a highly respected EU member country.

Benefits of acquiring Maltese citizenship under MIIP

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 183 countries around the world including Canada and the EU
  • The right to live, work, and study in the Schengen Area
  • World’s strictest due diligence standards, therefore ensuring only highly respectable claimants
  • Investment required only for first five years
  • No residence requirement
  • Family members can be included in the application
  • Fast-track and efficient application process


To be eligible for Maltese citizenship under the Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta, applicants must:

  • Make a contribution of € 650,000 to the Maltese Government, which is deposited in the National Development and Social Fund;
  • Lease property in Malta for a minimum value of € 16,000 per annum, or purchase property for a minimum value of € 350,000; and
  • Acquire € 150,000 worth of Government Bonds or bonds/ securities listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.

*** the bonds/ securities have to be held by the main applicant for a minimum period of 5 years.


The MIIP application requirements and procedures are reasonable and straightforward. The application is submitted to the concerned government agency responsible for processing applications, with the necessary govt. Fees.

The agency will issue successful applicants with a Maltese Residence Permit. The successful applicants will be requested to pay the non-refundable contribution, Due diligence, Passport fee and other bank charges.

The Attorney team submits the Citizenship application. Client receives “Approval in Principal” followed by Oath of Allegiance. Al last, Client receives Maltese Id cards and Passports.

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