Purchase a Business and become a Canadian Resident under Owner Operator Program

Canada’s business friendly environment is built on world class cities that consistently rank as the best places to live and work. Business opportunities in Canada are limitless and the business environment is welcoming. Canada’s competitive business costs, reasonable corporate tax rates, successful innovation clusters, efficient transport, infrastructure and ready access to markets make Canada a preferred business destination worldwide.

The Owner Operator is one of the most-sought after programs being offered by Canadian business immigration. This relatively new and unique business immigration option is one of the most useful tools for the applicants, who do not meet the specific investment and personal net worth requirements of the Provincial Nominee Programs, to acquire a new business in Canada without any minimum investment, net-worth requirements or age restrictions.

An applicant must acquire or establish a new business in any Canadian province or territory. He/she is required to hold 100% ownership, or may have other partner shareholders in the Canadian business provided that he/she has at least 51% ownership. Individuals are recommended to make a minimum investment of CAD 500,000* under this program.

Once the applicant has formed the business and secured other licensing requirements, he/she will be eligible for a Work Permit for 1 to 2 years under which the applicant must be involved in the day-to-day operations of the business and meet other key requirements including providing employment to a Canadian citizen/permanent resident.

This investment immigration program opens a pathway for investor to become a Canadian resident.  Upon fulfilling the required eligibility criteria, qualified candidates can make a strong application for Canadian Permanent Residency.

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