Turkey, country with a great historical background, unique geographic position and strategic location, has made itself stand out from other countries in the world.

Strategically located between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and Africa, Turkey has provided a functional role on a trade route.

One of the World’s fastest-growing economies – Turkey has a robust real estate market, which accounts for 19.5% of the country’s GDP. It is estimated that by 2023, the Turkish real estate sector will have more than 6 million residential units for sale with a market value of about US$400 billion. In recent years, the Turkish government has splurged millions of dollars in the real estate market to promote residential and commercial expansions.

Investing in real estate in Turkey has enormous benefits. Lucrative return on investment is one of the major reasons that foreign investors are interested in investing in Turkey’s real estate market through its Investment Citizenship Program.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the most affordable citizenship programs worldwide. You can get a Turkish passport within 3 months by investing at least 250.000 USD. 

Istanbul, Trabzon, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa are among the most attractive Turkish cities for real estate investment.  A strong population growth and the interest from abroad to visit or settle in these regions have caused a stronger rise of real estate prices in these cities, so an even higher returns.

  • Istanbul: 7% -12% annual return on investment

When it comes to acquiring foreign real estate investors from around the world, Istanbul is the star performer. Its magnificent location has made it a center of attraction for investors worldwide.

Istanbul is a highly urbanized residential city that continues to expand, thus creating more demand for residential space. The real estate prices in Istanbul increased by 7% – 41% in the last few years.

  • Ankara – 8-10% annual return on investment

Ankara is Turkey’s second-largest economic center. The real estate sector in the city is booming, which make it the second largest city in Turkey in terms of demand for real estate. The attractiveness of this region results in a sharp rise in property prices (30% to 60% in the last five years) in Ankara.

  • Izmir

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey and offers exceptional opportunities for someone who wants to invest in its real estate market. In recent years, the housing square meter prices increased by 26 % in Izmir, which has made it a developing market with many opportunities for real estate investors.

  • Bursa

Bursa is one of the most popular cities in Turkey. The real estate sector in Bursa is witnessing a sudden growth specialty after the opening of the Izmit Bridge. Residential real estate prices rose by 78 per cent over the past five years. There is a high demand for Bursa properties among foreigners due to their good prices. In fact in the first half of 2019, foreign investors bought over 1200 houses there.

  • Trabzon

Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Trabzon is a touristic city with great excellence. The city has started to attract great interest of foreign investors in the recent years.  The city has become one of the most desired areas to purchase a real estate property in Turkey, especially for Middle-Eastern buyers.

Key Benefits of investing under Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Full citizenship granted following background check
  • Visa Free Travel to 111 countries
  • No Minimum Residency Required
  • Strategically located between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and Africa
  • Affordable high-quality lifestyle


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