WWICS always recommend individuals to take all of the important factors and information into consideration while deciding on the best immigration service for them and their family. There are a lot of illegal representatives who can cheat and trick you out of your hard earned money. These types of immigration scams not only can cost you money immediately, but along with it can result in serious immigration consequences that could leave a long-term impact on your financial well-being.

Therefore, before hiring an immigration consultant or immigration assistance service provider, WWICS would suggest you to keep these important factors in mind to protect yourself from immigration fraud.

  • Make sure the representative or consultant you hire is honest and legitimate. He or she should be a government-licensed immigration adviser with competency standards and follows a professional code of conduct.


  • Never trust representatives or firms that claim to have a special relationship with the immigration authorities or that guarantee results or faster processing. Always remember that no firm or person offering help with immigration proceedings or matters has a special relationship with the government authorities and can guarantee results or faster processing.


  • Obtain and keep a written contract with the immigration consultant or an immigration assistance service provider. The contract should be in English and list all the services that will be provided to you. Understand the contract properly before signing it and keep a copy of the contract for your records as well.


  • Try to avoid paying cash for the services of an immigration consultant or a resettlement service provider. Rather than cash, use a personal check, certified check or credit card to pay for the services an immigration assistance service provider.


  • Do not give your original documents like birth certificates, passports, or other important documents to any immigration consultant or immigration assistance service provider. Only give copies of original documents to anyone who is helping you with immigration matters.


  • Read and fully understand the application, form, or petition being filed for you with immigration agencies. Moreover, do not sign any immigration document or any other document that you do not understand.


  • Make sure that the information that you provide on forms, applications or papers is genuine and completely accurate without any false statements or inaccuracies. Never sign any forms or applications containing any inaccurate information as eventually you would be responsible for all the details and information given in your application.