Things to keep in mind while choosing an immigration consultant/representative to avoid immigration Fraud!!

Cases of immigration fraud are quite common across the world.  It left many victims emotionally and financially devastated. No doubt, cases of immigration fraud are high, they are all avertable and the best way to protect one is to be informed. There are many things to keep in mind while deciding on any immigration representative or consultant, which include:

  • Always take advice from someone you trust and ask for their recommendations
  • Consult a few representatives before deciding which one to hire
  • Analyze references and check how long they have been providing immigration services
  • Make sure the representative should be a government licensed immigration adviser with competency standards and follows a professional code of conduct
  • Get complete information on services they will provide, and how much they will charge you.
  • Beware of fraudsters who frequently e-mail you posing as State Department or other government officials with requests to transfer money online as part of a “processing fee.”
  • After deciding on a representative, always ensures the representative must updates you on your application on a regular basis
  • Never choose representatives who “guarantee” your application will be successful. Immigration system is totally based on fairness as every application receives equal attention. Therefore, no one can promise or guarantee that your application will be given special treatment or it will be approved

To sum up, always remember that it is against the law to give wrong or misleading information in the visa application. Therefore, you must take responsibility for all the details and information given in your application no matter you complete it or it is completed by your representative.